Industries FABREEKA® Materials are used for:

Buffalo Seal and Gasket will fabricate products by using Fabreeka® materials throughout a variety of industries. Such as:

Building and Construction: Fabreeka’s isolation materials prevent disturbing shock and vibration from causing structural damage or acoustic discomfort for occupants in buildings and other structures.  Many buildings have been successfully isolated from subway or other environmental inputs by providing materials for the base slabs and column footings.  Buffalo Seal and Gasket will fabricate pads, washers and bushings by using Fabreeka® materials to eliminate objectionable structure-borne noise in buildings from the operation of passenger elevators.

Buffalo Seal and Gasket will fabricate Bridge Rail pads, Lamp Post pads and Bearing pads: by using Fabreeka® materials as an excellent and economical way to dampen shock and vibration induced by wind and traffic.  Additionally, Fabreeka® Drain Trough material is specified as a flexible water drainage system for bridge applications.

Crane Industries: Buffalo Seal and Gasket will fabricate Crane pads by using Fabreeka® material to reduce vibration, relieve girder stress, improve load distribution and eliminate mechanical wear and tear associated with bridge, gantry and ore crane operation, thereby reducing maintenance costs.

Diesel Powered Engines Industries:  Diesel engine driven pump packages are utilized in petro-chemical refineries and on offshore production platforms as the source of firewater to battle catastrophic fires.  They cannot fail, as they are the final defense.  The solution is to isolate the diesel engine from its base structure using Fabreeka’s pad/washer/bushing isolation system.

Industrial Machinery & Equipment Industries: Fabreeka’s isolation materials and machine mounts will provide vibration isolation and leveling for proper machine tool installation. Buffalo Seal and Gasket team of engineers will make the required material recommendations when designing foundations that support machine tools required for sound engineering principles for a reliable result.

Mechanical Restraints to Control Piping Vibration Industries: Mechanical restraints or pipe clamps incorporating a Fabreeka preformed faric pads are an effect means of controlling vibration and related stress in compressor and pump piping. Talk with a Buffalo Seal and Gasket engineer about your Fabreeka material needs today.

Metal Forming Industries:  Using Fabreeka’s material for isolation pads in the form of bumpers or mounting pads, have been successfully used on metal forming equipment to reduce shock and vibration transmission within a machine’s structure.  Fabreeka’s materials for pads are widely used in forging hammers to absorb the energy of the blow and protect the hammer supporting structure. Talk with a Buffalo Seal and Gasket engineer today to fabricate your isolation pad needs today.

Mining Industries:  When requesting Fabreeka materials from Buffalo Seal and Gasket to fabricate pads, washers and bushings have long been used to eliminate impact shock and vibration in wide variety of mining operations including draglines/shovels, mine cars, crushers, chutes/hoppers, grizzlies, rock breakers, feeders, screens, pulverizes and smelting operations. Fabreeka pad material is also used to improve the service life of the upper and lower rails on draglines and shovels by reducing the high roller load stress.

Offshore Oil Rigs Industries: Offshore units incorporate powerful diesel engines driving large pumps for injection of materials into wells drilled offshore.  The levels of vibration transmitted into the offshore structure cause additional noise and vibration in an already noisy and vibration-prone environment.

The solution is to isolate the complete unit from its base structure using a Fabreeka material called Fabcel® pad/washer/bushing isolation system.  Talk with a Buffalo Seal and Gasket engineer today to fabricate  your isolation needs today.

Petroleum and Gas Industries:  To eliminate excessive vibration within gas transmission and petrochemical piping, a properly designed mechanical restraint is required.  The application of Fabreeka Preformed Fabric Pad within these mechanical restraints can provide reduction of piping vibrations, thermal flexibility, and reduction of unwanted noise and prevent non-inform clamp contact pressure.
Talk with a Buffalo Seal and Gasket engineer today to fabricate your isolation material needs for drilling rig equipment such as mud pumps, compressors, generators and other rotating equipment, to make the rig as “quiet” as possible and reduce structure fatigue.

Power Generation Industries: Fabreeka’s isolation materials are used to control structure-borne vibration and noise generated from power and distribution transformers and reactors.  Isolation pads, washers and bushings can be used in wind turbines to provide vibration isolation under gear boxes and generators. Fabreeka’s materials are also used to prevent metal to metal contact on rotating parts with the rotors to reduce wear and fatigue.  Buffalo Seal and Gasket engineers also work with consultants who design power generation facilities involving steam and gas turbine foundation isolation and other turbo-machinery vibration attenuation requirements.

Pulp and Paper Industries:  Mechanical and chemical pulp and paper mills both have equipment in their processes which produce high levels of vibration and shock.  Having Buffalo Seal and Gasket fabricate your Fabreeka pads, including washers and bushings have long been used to eliminate impact shock and vibration in many pulp and paper applications including debarkers, chippers, hogs, conveyors and pump stations.

Rotating and Vibrating Equipment Industries:  Buffalo Seal and Gasket engineers work closely with their distributors to obtain the operating frequencies, dynamic (unbalanced) loads, critical alignments and isolation mount specifications for a complete isolation solution for equipment that produces vibration during operation. Applications requiring isolation pads, washers and bushings include fans, blowers, motors, reciprocating and screw type pumps and compressors, engine-generator sets, gear boxes and generators.

Steel Industries:  In a steel mill, Fabreeka pad is used to protect equipment, structure and foundations from damage by impact shock and vibration.  The design and installation of Fabreeka material used as pads has greatly reduced fatigue of metal parts and deterioration of concrete supporting structures, thus lengthening their service life and reducing downtime and cost of maintenance.  Fabreeka pad is specified as a bumper to reduce impact shock on cold bar shears, mill tables and coil drops where steel ingots or coils of steel are handled and dropped, creating large forces and stresses within the equipment.

Buffalo Seal and Gasket engineers work closely with consultants who specialize in steel mill production to provide shock and vibration solutions for equipment within the steel manufacturing process.

Structural Expansion Bearing Industries: by Buffalo Seal and Gasket using Fabreeka® material will provide a durable sliding surface with a low coefficient of friction to allow for thermal expansion and contraction for buildings, bridges, pipe supports and vessels.

Transportation Industries: In the railroad and public transportation industries, vibration and noise resulting from wheel rail loads can be easily transmitted through the vehicle journal boxes and springs and into the vehicle body. Fabreeka’s materials for pads have been used for years on journal boxes, spring planks, center plates and under bolster springs to reduce vehicle/car wear and fatigue.  Fabreeka’s materials used for bearing pads are also widely used as the tie plate pads under rails and crossings and bridge deck pads on railroad bridges.