Since January 2004, Buffalo Seal and Gasket has been recognized as a master O-ring distributor, specializing in a full range of O-Rings in a wide range of standard and metric sizes and materials.

Simply put, an O-ring is a round, doughnut-shaped seal component, featuring a circular cross section. An O-Ring is constructed from an elastomer (polymers) or rubber; other materials such as metals or plastics are also occasionally used. Advantages of O-Rings include:

  • Low Cost
  • Easily Installed
  • O-Rings Manufactured from elastomers (polymers) can withstand higher pressures and higher temperatures
  • Excellent Chemical Resistance
  • Outstanding Physical Properties

Types of O-Ring Seals are:

  • Static Seals – Axial Squeeze, Radial Squeeze; flange seals, plug and tube seals
  • Dynamic Seals – Reciprocating Seals, Rotary Seals, Oscillating Seals

Buffalo Seal and Gasket offers O-Rings in a wide range of materials, such as:

  • Buna-N (Nitrile), Highly Saturated Nitrile
  • Fluorosilicone
  • Polytetrafluoroethylene Encapsulated Viton®
  • Urethane
  • Silicone, Polytetrafluoroethylene Encapsulated Silicone
  • Neoprene
  • Aflas®
  • EPDM (Ethylene-Propylene-Diene-Monomer)
  • Polytetrafluoroethylene
  • Viton®, Brown Viton®

This is just a partial list of various materials O-Rings are available in. X-Rings, square cut rings, and metric O-Rings are also carried in our extensive in-stock inventory.
rd sizes (AS 568A), sizes grouped by cross section and listed by inside diameter (ID) and tolerances, O-Rings for dynamic and static sealing (per JIS B2401), Buna-N O-Rings with durometers ranging from 50 to 90 (Style N70, N90, N70 Q-Rings, E70, etc.).Buffalo Seal and Gasket also provides vulcanizing of non-standard (custom) O-Rings, depending on your specific needs.

Buffalo Seal and Gasket has O-Ring kits in standard sizes and metric sizes available, along with splicing kits, O-Ring measuring cones, measuring tapes, O-Ring sizing charts, and O-Ring grease/lubricant (to extend the service life of O-Rings). For all your O-Ring needs and requirements, rely on Buffalo Seal and Gasket to meet and exceed all your O-Ring specifications!