Flange Insulation Kits

As part of our commitment to superior customer service, Buffalo Seal and Gasket Company is proud to offer a complete array of flange insulation kits for your every requirement and application. Whether it’s for preventative maintenance, spares, or field maintenance and replacement, Buffalo Seal and Gasket has the

flange insulation kit you need.

Flange insulation kits (gaskets, sleeves and washers) can be ordered in a wide range of specifications, with a variety of gasket materials and sleeve materials available.Other specifications that can be defined include flange size, pressure classes, dielectric strength, maximum temperature, and water absorption (if applicable).

Gaskets are available in a number of materials, including:

  • Neoprene Faced Phenolic (N)
  • Garlock Blue Gard 3000 (G)
  • Phenolic RTJ (D)
  • Non ASB (Q)
  • Plain Phenolic (P)Klinger C4401 (K)
  • Klinger C4401 (K)
  • Insul-Seal® (S)
  • Insul-Seal® (S)

Gasket type – either full face or ring – can be specified, along with a double washer or single washer configuration.

Sleeves can be ordered in numerous materials, such as:

  • Polyethylene
  • Mylar – Spiral Wound Mylar
  • Minlon Sleeve & Washer (Minlon Integral)
  • Nomex
  • Plain Phenolic (P)Klinger C4401 (K)
  • Polytetrafluoroethylene
  • NEMA Grades – G-7-10-11

Zinc plated steel and phenolic washers are “standard” components in the flange insulation kits and do not need to be specified.

Flange insulation kits offered by Buffalo Seal and Gasket are used in a wide range of industries – wherever replacement gaskets and seals are required. For a complete list of industries served, click here.

Along with flange insulation kits, Buffalo Seal and Gasket offers other specialty items including flange protectors (in plastic, pressboard, or one piece molded forms), plastic pipe caps, plastic NPT plugs, flange wraps and flange bands. For all your flange insulation kits and specialty items, call or email the specialists at Buffalo Seal and Gasket today!