O-Ring Cord

Besides being a master distributor of a wide range of O-Rings in a broad array of materials, Buffalo Seal and Gasket carries an extensive inventory of O-Ring cord in many different cross sections. O-Ring cord from Buffalo Seal and Gasket can be utilized to custom fabricate O-Rings when standard sizes are not suitable for a particular application. To that end, Buffalo Seal and Gasket offers vulcanizing services for customers’ non-standard size O-ring specifications.

O-Ring cord is available in metric and standard sizes, as well as in various shapes and configurations. Types of O-Ring cord that we carry are:

  • Aflas® 75 Durometer
  • Fluoroelastomer (Black) – Inch 75 and 90 Durometer; Metric 75 Durometer; Square 75 Durometer
  • Neoprene 70 Durometer
  • Nitrile Inch – 50, 70 and 90 Durometer Metric – 70 and 90 Durometer Square – 70 Durometer
  • 4 Lobe Q-Ring Nitrile 70 Durometer Fluoroelastomer 75 Durometer
  • E.P.R. 70 Durometer
  • Fluoroelastomer (Brown) – 75 Durometer
  • Neoprene Sponge – Closed Cell
  • Silicone 70 Durometer

Other types of O-Ring cord may be obtainable – don’t hesitate to ask!

Another use for O-Ring cord is as a temporary seal when the primary custom O-Ring has failed; O-Ring cord can be formed to the required size and shape, and used as an interim replacement.

Custom samples are available upon request. Here at Buffalo Seal and Gasket, we can handle small custom production runs, as well as larger volume production. Get in touch with the specialists at Buffalo Seal and Gasket today for all your custom O-Ring cord applications and vulcanizing requirements!